Saturday, 19 April 2014

Baby & Mama-To-Be

Exciting times ahead for friends and family. 
New babies on the way; life changing. 

Nothing anybody says can prepare you for the huge waves of emotion and the many ways life changes when you have a baby, the joy it brings and a love that sweeps throughout your body in a way you couldn't even dream....
for Grandparent's too, I remember my Mum saying to me that she didn't think the love she felt for her grandchildren would be as strong as it was for the birth of her own, 
me, was, it is.

I have been asked by a friend if I could put together a post on gift's for expectant Mothers and new babies. Hope you like it!

Mama Bee Gifts - take the time to replenish and keep your skin hydrated with these simple, natural products. Good for you and the planet!

Neom Cocooning Candle with Mandarin, Ylang Ylang and comforting Chamomile to help you relax before and later when life is more hectic ;-)        

Mexican Bola Necklace for Mama to be - now these I LOVE! What a gorgeous gift for a mama to be! So tactile and they chime gently. Traditionally worn in Mexico when pregnant to bond with your unborn baby. 
You can also buy on a Liberty print scarf rather than a chain. Simply beautiful!

Ikea Grey Sheepskin - my love of versatile sheepskins is well known. These are tactile with curly fur, a gift for Mama and Baby!

White Company Bunny Night Light - softly glowing for those all important night feeds and later a pretty feature in the nursery.

The Animal Printshop Lamb - visit the site. Baby animals, often rescued, photographed by Sharon Montrose on a plain white backdrop. Beautiful for a Nursery. The difficulty will be choosing...

White Company Muslin Squares - a must for all Mama's!

Buzzy Bee Sleepgown - for baby boy's and girl's. For easy nappy changes, I cannot extol the virtues of these enough! You can buy them plain but I just loved these little bee's!

White Company Snuggle Blanket - so soft & snuggly, this will become a firm favourite with it's satin bound edging too...

FLATOUT Bears Oh my days, that is all!!!

When You Were Born by Emma Dodd Gorgeous book, beautifully written. 
Sweet and meaningful.

Black & White baby development playmat Black and white has long been known to be stimulating for little minds encouraging cognitive development. For someone extra special you could buy all of the above and place it in this bright trunk, a keepsake forever!!!!

Just had to show this little play space from The Imagination Tree 

Of course all of the above are treats. A baby's main requirement is to feel safe and secure, feed when cues are given and closeness to Mum. All of these can be provided without the need to spend money. 

I leave you with the following quote and hope you liked this post!

"A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence." Author: Grantly Dick-Read


  1. Great post. I already have a list of things I want to buy as I can't wait to have grandchildren, hopefully it won't be too long after the wedding! Happy Easter xx

    1. Ah Sharron, me too. So precious! Hope you are having a wonderful easter, xx