Sunday, 6 April 2014


So, this week I have learnt that to blog I need to feel on top of things.
This last week I haven't - apologies to anyone whose dropped by!

I've felt a little low, tired, a complete lack of energy. I realised late in the week I hadn't been drinking as much water as I usually would - probably because I haven't run.

So Thursday I drank - lots & lots of water! On Friday I woke and just felt lifted.
Gosh, can water do this or is it psychological?? Either way it worked so its all good!! :-)

I also had a good cry - empty nest rapidly approaching. I'm happy, but I love when my home is full of young people which it was at weekend.
I'm thinking this is normal???

So much catching up to do.....both at home and here.....

Today I enjoyed a girlie day out with 'C' and her beautiful Daughter 'T'.
A completely restorative day in York, one of my favourite City's. 
We ate, drank, meandered, most importantly laughed.

We ate at El Piano, a vegan, gluten free restaurant - which for 'C' & 'T' was wonderful as they could have EVERYTHING on the menu without having to think!! The food was glorious and inspirational and a return visit is a must.

How gorgeous does this Mediterranean Platter look?
 Square Root Chips!

The next couple of weeks I need to; 
  • Finish cleaning out all the kitchen drawers and cupboards following a leak, resulting in pots and pans being pulled out and put all over the kitchen - still there...

  • Paint the front windows and door of the house - currently with their natural wood finish which is peeling - I fancy Heritage Farrow and Ball and am leaning towards 'Breakfast Room Green'. What do you think?


  • I need to cut back so much foliage in the garden and have a mahoosive fire!
  • I also need to choose a new phone - it's like a minefield and so confusing! I just want to be able to talk, text, take good pics and instagram.

Back soon with 52 weeks of happy!
I'm happy you are here! Thank you :-)

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