Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Memories are strange things - they happen when you least expect it.
Today I was walking with the pup when I called him 
dod yma - 
"come here" in Welsh. 

Gosh, where did that come from? My Mum taught my Sister & I a little Welsh but the overriding language she taught us was 'Pig Latin'.

Memories of chatting so fast in the kitchen and learning nursery rhymes - seeing my Dad and Brother's look of disgust as they had no idea at all what was being said and whether we were talking about them. Ha!

'The language',  my Mum told us was spoken by the girls to enable private conversation about the boys ;-)

It is something I taught my Daughter as Mr.L and 'L' looked on thoroughly bemused as 'A' and I tried to control our laughter. Unfortunately for us 'L' worked it out and spoke much faster than we ever could.....gggrrr!

A few years ago when I worked in Sexual Health for Young People two young lad's came to see me for condoms. They spoke to each other in Pig Latin about what they wanted, imagine their faces when I answered back in their 'secret language'. They nearly fell over!!

Anyone reading speak 'Pig Latin?'
Memories - strange things!
Have a lovely week!

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