Friday, 4 July 2014

Small Detail's

Our friend's recently married in a western style ceremony. It was the most glorious day, perfect. It was quirky, it was fun, it was cool.

So many details that made it so theirs. I loved the wedding rings being passed from friend to friend at the start of the ceremony, from front to back - friends together celebrating.

 The 'I Do's' were held in a beautiful old brick barn, festooned with lights, hearts, straw & hay bales for seating and simple gypsophelia (baby's breath) in an assortment of whiskey bottles.
 The Groom in all his finery, waiting for his bride - 
he arrived in his dream car - a Mustang! 
 This was a fabulous idea - each person took a wooden heart and wrote a message, 
it then was placed into a glass fronted case - beautiful!
 How cool? The brides boots :-)
 The dress was made by the bride herself - well, she is a designer!
Beautiful corset and headdress. Isn't she beautiful?
 Small smiley fun details :-)
 The Chaps!
 Table details - traditional seating plan, we drank from glass jars with stripy straws, 
even for the toasts and had the best BBQ ever!
The favours were some precious moonshine in a jar and a cactus, 
a lasting memory know sitting happily on my windowsill, X
Oh, revolver earrings for the ladies too ;-)
 After the meal, with some time to chill, it was time to try out the Bucking Bronco!!
Hell yeah, why do you think I chose a jumpsuit to wear??? 
 As soon as I heard about the Bronco it completely changed my outfit choice!!!
Women's title went staying on for 1 minute 6 seconds, hehe!

First dance - just love this picture, so sweet.
 Spin your partner round & round. Every good Western Wedding needs a ceilidh.
The barn looked so beautiful at night. Everyone danced the night away.

Kicking up heels and dusty boots - a day of special memories made!
I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse.


  1. What a great idea for a wedding and it looked like great fun. The attention to detail was amazing.

    1. Thank you Inge - it was great fun! So much thought went into it.
      And thank you for dropping by and commenting! XX

  2. nice picture..
    You asked for comments and follow my blog