Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tour de France

The tour has just ended to the usual rapturous acclaim in Paris.

I have been to the Alps on a number of occasions to watch and cheer, sink in the whole atmosphere. The frisson of excitement as the riders approach, 
often signalled by the helicopters flying overhead is palpable. 

This year as the tour was so near home we decided to save some money and go to Yorkshire.

We wanted to be at the top of Buttertubs Pass, Hawes,
the highest point they were to reach in England and the longest climb of the day. 

We cycled up!!!! People were shouting "Go on girl!" It was great.
Below are some of the pictures captured on the day.

Great fun! If the tour ever comes near you it's a must see!
Off to buy the poster below from The Printed Peanut....

Yorkshire did Le Tour proud!
Did anyone see? 

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