Sunday, 20 July 2014

Chasing The Sun

I took a much needed mini break at a relatives in Portugal recently
with my Son and his girlfriend.
Time to replenish, get some sun and boost my Vitamin D levels (which are low), 
get a bit of a tan, feel the sand between my toes, hear the sound of the Atlantic, swim, read, eat healthily, peruse the markets, leave the world behind, have fun & laugh!
I think I did it! 
Left these two behind to enjoy another week!
My love of bright colours was evident when I looked down at the airport!!

Slowly catching up with my favourite blogs!
Sun, sea and sand, good for my soul.
What's good for your soul?


  1. The same! Gosh I haven't been to Portugal for years, looks lovely x

    1. It is lovely - I swear the sea was warmer in Wales though!!! XX

  2. How lovely to get away with your son and his girlfriend. There's nothing nicer than quality time with family, is there ? I'm sure that you have returned, refreshed. Even though we are having such lovely weather here, a change of environment really helps to recharge the batteries.
    …. and, many thanks for your comment today. Have a great weekend. XXXX

    1. Nothing beats family time, the ocean too, good for my soul. Thank you so much for dropping by, XX