Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Perfect Autumn Day To Run (Not Me)

First trip out in the car on Sunday (since my op). I went along to a local beauty spot - Entwistle Reservoir. Absolutely perfect Autumn day, the colours so vivid against the clear blue skies and reflected on the water.
I often run here, it's beautiful, enhances my thinking and it's great because it's flat as oppose to walking out of my front door where the only way is up 'baaabbbyyy!'
I always incorporate hill sprint reps into my running as it improves strength and endurance and this is why I was here - Mr.L was doing his hill sprints and I was happy to go along; breath that fresh air deep into my lungs and read my book ;-) & take photographs of course!
Mr.L ran up and down here for half an hour - 150 steps - 1.5 miles in total! Madass!
So important to stretch and cool down properly - it means less injuries, muscles slowly cool down, not just STOP, your heart rate gradually slows down and it also helps flexibility.
Just look at those socks!! :-)

Can't wait to be back running. In the meantime I don't mind watching! I will be looking at booking on some races soon for next year to help to motivate and have something to aim for.

Hope you are having a lovely week!


  1. wow you guys are in such great shape!

    1. Have to get back on it Lesley - you will be in fabulous shape mentally and physically with your yoga!
      Thanks for reading, XX