Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Old Fashioned Night Out

On Friday I had a trip to The Palace Cinema (the oldest cinema in the North West) to see Spectre. 
What a fantastic night, whisking me right back to childhood, with it's heavily curtained screen and sumptuous velvet double seats, ladies with trays around their necks selling ice cream during an interval and a cup of hot chocolate in a real mug I could take to my seat - I loved it!  
Prior to the start of the film the National Anthem was played, everyone on their feet singing along with gusto - I think it's fabulous that tradition's like this are still alive, on my doorstep too!
The film itself was enjoyable, with old characters reintroduced. Not as gory as some of the Bond films have been, which I prefer :-)

Anyone reading and living in the North West - if you like tradition, The Palace is a must visit 
(fab chippy opposite too)!

Thank you for reading - come back soon ;-)

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