Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Five Days In......

Hello lovely people! Two days in to the first week of the New Year. If life is 'back to normal' for you I wish you a slow start and little stress.

I have a week or two remaining of recovery from my hysterectomy before my return to work. The time left will be concentrated on returning to the work routine, walking the dog at the pre-hysterectomy time, but also trying to get a good night's sleep - something that has been evading me big time, I am now a fully fledged insomniac (blog post coming up) and am now struggling to cope. JUST GIVE ME THE DRUGS!!!

Yesterday though Mr.L dragged me out for a run!! Yay I thought, it may help me sleep - not!! Anyway, trainers were laced and with some apprehension we drove to the local reservoir, nice and flat. My aim was to run round the 2.5 miles at a slow pace without stopping and yay I did! My breathing was great, my legs okish. Happy Happy!

This is the second run since my hysterectomy. The first was around the same reservoir, I had to stop about four times going round but the actual running felt good, but by the time I got home I felt terrible and just crawled into bed in my running gear and slept for two hours - lesson to be learnt, too much too soon!!

So here is me, post run, tired but elated. The toenails are dirty so needed painting; for a change, green! A small gift from a work colleague of Loreal Feline Sauvage. Not a colour I would usually go for, but I like :-) Expertly painted as you can see....

 Thanks so much for dropping by,
See you soon!


  1. I'm so glad to hear you're getting strength and stamina back. Already going on your runs. Wow you're such a great role model for the new year! As far as the sleep goes I can relate although it's getting better now that the hot flashes or slowing down hahaha hopefully you're not there yet.

    1. You're a love Leslie and so kind! Hot flushes starting to be controlled - 10 a day maybe now which I can manage. XXX