Friday, 8 January 2016


There's a lot being written at the moment, about slowing down, savouring the small moments, paring back, living a more simplistic lifestyle. For years we've all been told to work hard, plough all our money into property, getting the biggest mortgage we can afford. When actually, aren't experiences, spending time with family and loved ones, having the money to do so, creating memories more important? I think so. A smaller mortgage means you could work less hours, be your own boss. 

This year I want to embrace change. In lots of areas of our life. Be a little more 'frugal'. We live in such a throwaway society. I want to consider where and what my money goes on, but also what I am bringing into my home.

Our home is too big now the children are gone and we are becoming more and more aware of how little space we actually need to live. So, it is up for sale (again). It is a home that needs a family like ours to come along and love it, caretaking it for the next century as we have done, nursing it's old bones, doing everything in keeping with it's 1650 beginnings. With it a large garden - why did we ever want a big garden? So many weekends spent 'tidying the garden' something that in reality we don't enjoy. What we do enjoy is sitting in it, having BBQ's with friends. Moving to a smaller home will free up time and money. I want to see more of the world, have weekends away, go to the theatre, feel that should job difficulties arise we are secure (I work in the NHS and currently have lots of friends in the NHS facing redundancy).
I am going to go through this house, every drawer, every cupboard, the loft, the garage over the next few weeks and having a massive clearout! How do we accumulate so much 'stuff?' I have done this twice before, following reading The Joy Of Less. Only this time I thought I would share here with you! Less stuff, less time spent cleaning and moving things around. Only things I truly love and find useful will make the cut. When anything new is brought in, something goes out. Currently wrangling over a new frying pan with Mr.L, why hang on to the old one 'just in case'? Haha!

Books! If I have not read them in ten years will I ever?! I think not, there are so many good reads, those that have been sitting harbouring dust are never going to make the top of the pile - even if they are a 'classic'.
Clothes wise, I am quite good, I consider carefully before any purchase and tend to buy in the sale, but I will be having a sort out there too! I intend to adopt the one in one out method, get rid of any clothes unworn in the last year, organise my wardrobe, sort out all my running, pilates and cycling gear, currently one huge tangled mess in a wicker trunk.

No longer are takeaways a treat in this house. They are a regular occurrence. I worked out that on average we spend sixty to eighty pounds a month on takeaway. I want to change this - both my husband and I are not bad cooks and can quickly and easily throw a curry together (our takeaway of choice). I would rather spend this money on an experience, a day out, something needed.

Over the Christmas period there were lots of plans made to eat out with friends. I started saying 'no' - Christmas is such an extravagant time as it is without meals out, cocktail nights, christmas parties for various clubs, work, groups of friends etc. So, I offered to host, everyone brought food, drinks and good cheer, and secretly I think a number gave a sigh of relief and voiced it was better than going out! The nights were full of laughter and carried on into the small hours, often with friends staying over. Don't get me wrong, I love going out with friends, just not every week!!

I love a nice coffee shop, but again, whilst I have been off sick, I dread to think how much I have spent in them, often disappointed by the cake. Tomorrow I had agreed to meet a friend in a tearoom, literally five minutes walk away. What the hell?! So, I gave her a call and now I am making soup, she a cake, and we shall have gorgeous coffee ground and brewed by my lovely Mr. and chat forever without worrying about freeing up the table. I love a tearoom/coffee shop as part of a day out or bike ride though :-)
I am relishing that I have weekends free coming up. Last year I started to address that I was running around like a blue assed fly, saying yes to all and everything asked of me. Wanting to be all things to all people, yet being that person who relishes solitude, time to replenish, time to gather thoughts. I learnt that people don't take offence, that it is ok to say no, maybe suggest another option, another time.

I know that when I have time for myself, a tidy, uncluttered environment, a place for things to go not just dumped it has a positive effect on my mind. I feel more in control. This article is worth a read. This is going to be doubly important as I return to work but also start college at the end of this month.

So, what do you think? Do you crave a simpler life, less belongings, more experience & free time? The opportunity to work less hours, be your own boss? 



  1. A brilliant post. Everything you mention applies/applied to me! I'm on my 3rd read of The Joy of Less, however sorting out is a slow process due to my feelings of attachment to objects - ridiculous as it sounds!! I took a big step in October 2015 when I turned 50. I took early retirement from the NHS after almost 30 years of working/juggling family life and the demands of 3 children, etc. I used some of my pension lump sum to clear our mortgage and some other small debts. I now get a small monthly pension and hubby works full time so although we don't have as much money coming in, I feel much better off in so many other ways. My health was beginning to suffer through my job and a manager from hell. I was a PA to a consultant and I got to the point where I just wanted out. I wish you well with your house sale - that beautiful front door would sell it to me!!

    1. Your story almost mirrors mine! Apart from I won't be retiring at 50!!! However, next week I start the process of retraining, hoping to only work a couple of shifts a week for the NHS eventually due to pension etc. and be my own boss. Fingers very tightly crossed!!
      Thankyou for your kind wishes, really appreciate you taking the time to comment. XXX

  2. P.s. I meant Oct 2014 when I retired! I've lost track of all time!!