Thursday, 21 January 2016

Good For Body & Soul

I have done three days back at work, on reduced hours. Today has been my day off. Already I have three A4 pages of things I need to do/sort/organise. Feelings of being overwhelmed have started. I don't know why this is happening to me. It started before I finished for my hysterectomy. This is how I know things need to change and I am hopeful that 2016 is going to be the year!

So, this got me to thinking. What will help? What can I do for myself, for my body and soul? What helps my coping mechanism? What puts me in a positive frame of mind - gives me an I can attitude? A friend once said "You have to be the most positive person I have ever met!" I wonder would he say that now?

If I had to write a list of what helps me to deal with everyday stresses and work what would be on it? What would I like to fit into my precious free time?  I wrote it down, and here I share it with you, in no particular order! ;-)

Reading - I joined with Laura over at Circle of Pine Trees and her Year in Books - my reviews here. A no pressure reading group, choose a book, do a linky to her site (this sadly no longer is how it works), do a quick review and name your next book in the first few days of a new month. No pressure, but you still feel accountable, which helps to keep your reading mojo up. I read every night without fail, especially as I no longer allow screen time to interrupt my circadian rhythm.

Walking Olly - My pooch gets me out of bed each and every morning. Yes, sometimes I feel sluggish but by the time I am home after a half hour morning walk, currently in the pitch black, those endorphins have kicked in and I feel more energised.

Running - Slowly getting back into it after my hysterectomy. Running is fab in that you are out and back as quickly as you want! No 'I haven't got time' excuses. Have 10 minutes spare? That's 10 minutes of cardio more than if you were sat down!! Running also helps to rid me of any tightness in my neck and shoulders and sets up other good habits - eating clean, drinking more water. 

Exploring New Places - Especially if it involves a historic house and parkland aka National Trust Membership which is what my parents bought me for Christmas - looking forward to planning! A small tip, if you purchase National Trust Scotland membership, it is cheaper but you can get into all the English National Trust places ;-).  It's good to learn new things about how people lived, to visit somewhere you haven't been before; shown to improve our mental capacity. Also it gives you something interesting to chat about!

Meditation - I am really getting into meditating. Most people meditate in the morning, but I can't find the time with walking Olly, juicing and the need to leave for work by 7.50am. I have been using my Headspace App - free trial here but also am going to try Tara Brach Meditations  as recommended by Leo from Zen Habits. I tend to meditate when I get in from work and find that it re energises me for the evening ahead.

Blogging! Yay! - I really enjoy sitting down to write. A creative outlet - or not? I am continually amazed that people visit this little corner of my world and come back!! I don't get lots of comments but when I do I love it, the interaction is inspiring, here and on Instagram!

Juicing - I started juicing in October 2014 and swear by it for improved all round health. Bright eyes, clear skin, more energy, a kick start to the day, no aches and pains, no tummy ache as it helped me to realise I have a gluten intolerance. 

Pilates - Once a week, more if I could! This says it all!! My Pilates Studio is my sanctuary. I go in and for the few minutes before the lesson starts lie on my mat with my eyes closed; heavenly. Something I definitely want to do more of this year, hopefully study and share the love ;-)

Family Time, Friends,  Loving & Laughing - Goes without saying. My family has grown by one and there is nothing better than seeing this little tink become a toddler. I am very lucky that I have a husband who makes me laugh every day - yes, really, even after 28 years. It really is the best medicine. I don't have loads of friends but those who I do have are the dogs, a positive influence, always encouraging, themselves inspirational, special indeed. Family time, especially when we are all together, a gift!

No Facebook - Came off Facebook in November. I include it here as a positive thing. I was disappearing down a rabbit hole with it. The telling thing is I haven't missed it at all!!! It's free'd up time to do all the things above haha! It was useful when I was leading my Beginner's Running Group but currently I shan't be leading as I start College next week. So, not needed!!

Other Random's - 
  • Using my Clarisonic regularly - sounds a funny one, but it's two minutes three times a week well spent which gives me beautifully smooth skin.
  • Having my eyebrows threaded and dyed every 6 weeks - adds definition helping to frame my face. The only beauty treatment I have regularly.
  • Haircuts every 3 months, only at the College, but who doesn't feel better after a haircut?
  • Painted toenails especially when I am running :-)
  • Eating clean as in lots of fruit and veg, protein, limited gluten free carbs.
  • Drinking water - I aim for 8 glasses (4 pints) daily for clarity of mind, ability to run without needing to carry water, clear skin, more energy.
  • Cycling; another challenge for 2016 coming up!
Gosh, this has to win the award for the longest blogpost I have ever written. It's been good to give me some clarity of what I would like to fit into my week, to care for and nurture myself, both body and mind, aiding sleep and coping ability at work which is a good thing right?

How do you take care of your body and soul? What would you like to fit into your week? Do you manage to fit in things that you know are good for you?

 Do share! XX

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