Sunday, 7 February 2016

2 Week Challenge #Run2

I need to get back my love of running. I was there oh so fleetingly, really loving running last year. I know it is there inside. I know it helps me sort my head out!! The best reason alone for loving running again!!

So, I want to make myself accountable - here - if you'll let me?

I am challenging myself to run every day for the next two weeks starting Saturday 6th February. I want to focus on enjoying my route, improving my pace, controlling my breathing. I won't be running far, no more than 5k for now! :-)

I ran for the 7th time since my op today (Sunday), my second for this challenge. I ran in snow for the first time ever on #Run3- I did a little video on Instagram So funny. My time has improved by 2 minutes a kilometre!

I need to spend some time looking at races for later in the year. Trail running is my favourite, keeping me motivated - ever changing terrain keeps it interesting (unlike long boring roads), they are tough, but there's a real sense of achievement for me when I finish. I love leaping like a mountain goat, feeling fabulous & strong!

Thank you so much for visiting this little corner of my World!
Back tomorrow with wardrobe adventures!


  1. I admire your determination. I started running about a year ago from nothing! I built up my fitness quite a bit but then winter came and the forest tracks where me & hubby went weren't open after 6pm so we stopped. I'm still at the stage where I don't like seeing people when I'm running so head for off the besten track - silly really as no-one takes any notice! Im doing about 2.5 miles walking daily at the moment but I'm looking forward to the spring when the forestry commission leave the gates open til 10pm.

    1. Oh thank you at Mrs LH, for what you say but also taking time to comment!
      So hard to keep running in Winter, not last year (post op) the year before was the first time I did run through winter and I had been running a couple of years then The thing to remember is that muscles have memories so as soon as you start to run again they will think "Oh, I know what this is about and you will improve more quickly!"
      Running in the forest sound fabulous. I prefer off the beaten track - people say am I worried but the nutters are on the roads as far as my experience shows! Of course I do have my dog though!
      Roll on brighter nights and mornings. Have a lovely week, XX

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