Monday, 15 February 2016

2 Week Challenge #Running

Gosh, where did last week go? Despite a crazy week I managed to run every day apart from Friday & Saturday - I know, I know, but you know what I'm not considering it a fail on my initial intention....

On Friday morning  I was being filmed for a TV programme (I can share here in a few weeks time - exciting!!!) and in the afternoon me and Mr.L went to Manchester to see one of my favourite bands - 'Hurts' at Manchester Academy & had a wonderful time. Not sure of you have heard of them, they remind me of the 80's! My era!

Saturday I had the usual running around and in the afternoon a 2 hour meditation session - I wasn't going to spoil the benefits of that by then putting my trainers on!

I ran a lot in the dark, be it morning or evening, although one evening it was light enough to run without a head torch - the light is slowly returning!

I think it did me good to have 2 days off as yesterday Mr.L dragged me out on a mystery run. We ran together at a lovely leisurely pace along the canal and did 8 miles. So, so happy with this. Sometimes I lack conviction that I can do it, despite doing a half marathon last year and he sees this. If he had told me I was doing 8 miles I'd have said no!

So here just a few picture of my run yesterday, you can see other running adventures here on Instagram! Here with my ever faithful Olly.....It was a beautiful, crisp day :-)
 Olly needing a drink!

Thank you for dropping by, have you got anything that you hope to achieve this year or challenge yourself to do? 

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