Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Little Sunshine

Love boots - way too much - always look even when I don't need...
But, I really do look after my footwear, I even own sandals that have 
been reheeled and resoled!! & it's an investment!!
Yeah, she says!

& so to the pics below - absolute bargain from Clarks Twenty five diddly squid!
They are a fabulous colour (more yellow than the picture) & style with 
studwork  and embroidery, again like here I may be able to wear them for the 
Western Wedding of friends in June.

 I don't often wear yellow yet it is a colour that evokes happiness and hope.
As it was my Birthday I received a voucher from Oasis, cue perusal of all things yellow!

Which would you buy? 
I'm leaning towards the stripy number!


  1. Those boots are fab and what a bargain! Love the stripe top you feature, that will go perfectly x

    1. Mmmm, think it will have to be the striped one too! The boots were so a bargain!! XX