Thursday, 13 February 2014

Beginner Running Group Week Three

Another cold rainy week and yet everyone turned up!!
36 in total - what can I say - it's just blowing me and Alex away that so many people want to run!!

We did our usual warm up games - we had asked one of the group to plan a game 
for the group which went down great!

I've said before if you want to run in this area you have to get used to the hills!
& we did a big one - but we crocodiled up!! :-)

This is having everyone in a straight line walking up the hill and the person at the back has to
 run to the front at their pace, everyone encouraging them as they go.
At the top time for a short rest then a leisurely run down. 

As you see the session I described is nothing like the one above!
We like variation, cater to our group and plan ahead, but for anyone following, 
this is Week 3 - my Mother in Law keeps asking me to start a group near her........

Thanks so much for dropping by


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