Monday, 3 February 2014

Beginner Running Group Week Two

Week 2 of the Run England walk to jog to run group I lead.
Great week and all returned following Week One!

We introduced some new games to warm up - keeps the group on their toes! :-)
Ball games, fast paced group games, bonding games!

Moving on to the main session. We live in a very hilly part of East Lancashire - you can go nowhere without a hill. We need to introduce our group to this quickly and get them over it.

We set off at a walk - uphill - for two minutes, we then encouraged everyone to jog for 60 seconds at THEIR pace, like going upstairs, back to walk and so on.

At the top we then told everyone they could do what they wanted to get down, walk or jog - everyone jogged which is wonderful. Muscles are still working, you are still getting breathless, you are enjoying the wind in your face. Downhill but still it's running!! It still benefits!

Cool down again, check on how people were feeling - and then to tell them that they had actually done over a mile and see the response - wonderful! 

Towards the end of our ten week course we introduce the group to Park Run - 
great fun and this is four of the first group we ran completing their first!!!

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*Check here for where in your area offers Beginner Run Groups.

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