Monday, 3 February 2014

It's Ma Birfday

It was my Birthday on Wednesday.
Mr.L had the day off and we headed off to Manchester to visit 

I had heard so much about it and it didn't disappoint.
We were there four hours and would have stayed longer moving in to the Lodge Bar the adjoining Cocktail Bar if I didn't have run group that night - I will return!
Unhurried, relaxed, attentive service, we enjoyed the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland surroundings, along with wine, cocktails and wonderful food.

Red & black & black & white chequered walls, pink velvet buttoned ceilings,
everywhere a feast for the eyes.
The entrance lobby gives some insight to prepare for something a bit different
with it's baby grand piano, tented ceiling, china & floral display's.
Chandeliers everywhere - so pretty :-)
Didn't take picture's of our meal, I still feel a bit shy about getting my camera out - 
anyone else feel like that? Lots of my photo's were taken later when I had 
chatted with the staff and the Tearoom was quieter.
We had tea when we arrived as it was a chilly day, followed by a Prosecco (me), 
wine with our meal then off to the Dessert counter to choose something tatsy ;-)
French Martini, Mmmmmm
Pink wall's - identical shade to my hall, stairs & landing!
 In the corner was this wooden conservatory structure with beautiful floral 
displays clambering over it - I really want to book this area in the Summer holiday's
for me & Mr.L, the kid's & their partners for a treat!
How wow is this? Look's like it belongs on an altar!!
Lot's of speciality tea's - far more than this to choose from...
 Coffee to finish - then a mad dash across Manchester (in heels) 
to make it back in time for run group - lovely lovely day!

So, if ever you are visiting Manchester, consider a visit.
You won't be disappointed!


  1. Wow, what a lovely place to celebrate your birthday! I would love that.

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you! A long way from Zurich - but I'm sure there are lovely places there too! I'm off to Geneva tomorrow!
      Lovely of you to drop by, XX