Saturday, 3 May 2014

52 Weeks of Happy (27, 28 & 29/52)

Well, there just is not enough hours in the day at the moment.

I have enjoyed lots of moments over the last few weeks, but so caught up in these moments that I have no photo's - sometimes that can be a good thing yes?

  • Visited Richmond Tea Room again with a friend - and had a surprise visit whilst there from my 'L' who happened to be in Manchester for work!! He then decided to stay a couple of nights as Mr.L was away and he had an open return. Happy? Hell yesssss!
  • After a particularly stressful day at work, these were waiting on my desk. I'm honoured to have such supportive work colleagues.
  • A lovely parcel for moi arrived after a massive wardrobe clear out the week before - I have yet to find time to try them on - when I do I shall share here!
  • My family being together for Easter - best feeling in the World. We enjoyed the company of my friend's Son and Daughter too on Good Friday, who I love very much.

  • Prior to all of the above Mr.L and I had helped 'A' to move into her first home with her lovely partner 'S' - must get a good photo of him/them!! :-)
  • Impromptu night in York with 'C' (best friend EVER! - You know the one!) We ate here again - it's just the bee's - if you ever visit York you must go, but ssshhh please don't tell everyone, Ha.....
  • I am from a large family and as such there are lot's of Cousin's. We all decided to meet up in Manchester for a catch up and a boogie here. I was gutted when I had to leave for the last train home but am looking forward to doing this again ;-0
  • I enjoyed a cheap as chips carvery with fabulous company over Easter after work - lots of nattering - we looked around when we came up for air to find we were the only one's left - it was heaving when we arrived.......

Now I'm ready to replenish the next couple of weeks - a slower pace is needed!
Thank you for dropping by. Wishing you all a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. Hope things are slowing down a bit and you get to relax this weekend! XXX

    1. Me too Claire! Thanks for dropping by, XX