Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mon Amie Française

In 2001 whilst enjoying a family holiday in Brittany, my Daughter found herself a French friend.
Her parents came over to check out where their daughter was spending time, as any good parents would. We chatted and discovered that 'JL' and Mr.L worked for the same company!!! 

Now, when I go on holiday it's about replenishing myself - I read, walk, rest, enjoy leisurely breakfast's and easy lunches. I don't get friendly with the people holidaying next to me, I definitely don't enjoy BBQ's with them - is that bad??

The next day at the beach we were next to 'JL' & 'M', the night after that we were at the same restaurant, our paths kept crossing.......on their last night they called by and asked us to go to the club house with them. We did......I'm so glad we did! We sang on the karaoke en famille, danced, laughed. At the end of the night 'M' asked to swap contact details. 
I did and thought no more of it.

When we returned home 'M' made contact - she rang, emailed, wrote. I am so glad she was persistent, I have enjoyed the most fantastic friendship I could so easily have missed out on.......

We have holidayed together, our families intertwining as our children have grown. 
We have supported each other with the trials and tribulations of life. 

This evening 'M' arrives with her friend for a short break. I am so excited to see her, share news and visit some new (to her) places. Adventures!
My friend 'J' with 'M' last year at Sacre Coeur.

Anyone reading made friend's when you least expected to?


  1. Ah what a great story! I remember the first time we went to Marbella, 10 years ago we chatted a bit with a family. We went back to the same hotel the following summer but a week later and bumped into them again as we queued for dinner. K and I have been friends ever since, it's funny how some holiday friendships last and other don't, we speak every week and often text midweek aswell xx