Friday, 16 May 2014


I'm trying!

Readjustment - adjust, alter, adapt, re-acclimate, reconcile, regulate.

All  those things and more...I prefer "Roll with it". 

It takes time - the tidiness I can get used to - but the quiet.....
It's four weeks now since 'A' left for her new home & life, I see her lots, 
despite this I miss her lots too. & my boy.

Life is rolling on, Mr.L & I are embracing the changes and looking forward to all that life has to offer. We are trying new things, adopting new routine's, enjoying each other's company and talking about our dream's. We want to travel, see more of the World. 

We are ready for our next chapter. I hope it involves a cosy cottage too - & soon. 

It's not that I don't love this old house of mine, I do, I've preserved it, worked with its quirks, hopefully it will stand for another 350 years, but it's ready for a new family to grow and fill it with noise (not that we don't when we're all together). 

But it's a family house, too big for just 2 and a puppy! :-) My Son says "Why don't you just let me have it??" If only!

Family - it's definitely where the heart is.


  1. Haha …. been there, done that. It's OK ….. there's light at the end of the tunnel. You get used to it, just like everything else !
    We are still living in the family home which is far too big for us but, I love our house and don't think that I could move.
    Keep your chin up …… you'll soon be getting annoyed when they come home and make the house a mess again !! { plus, we have now got a three year old grandson and one on the way which also changes life !! }

    1. Jackie - thanks so much for your comment! I am getting used to it - aaannnndddd - I am going to be a Granny too!!
      Beyond excited - and yes, life husband is just so full of pride, love and emotion when he is with our Daughter, beautiful to see, XXX