Saturday, 17 May 2014

Chocolate Hedgehog Cake

I thought I'd share with you the cake my children would demand for their 
birthdays when they were small. 

They thought I was the most wonderful, clever Mama in the world when I produced it!! 
Aaaahhhh, too cute!

I made this last week for my Son's 21st - and guess what - 
they loved it again and proudly told their partner's what a wonderful, clever Mama I am!! 
The mixture is a basic sponge recipe - just add cocoa powder to a pale brown - 
it will go darker as it bakes as you can see below....bake in a moderate 
oven for 35 minutes until springy to touch.
Butter icing to decorate - again with added cocoa powder :-)
Add 'spikes' using Minstrel's and Button's, shape a nose with the butter icing.

Ta-dah - simples!


  1. Lovely! How did you make the face?
    Btw, I am the Kiehl's lady- if you still remember me.. Hope you're well. Did you pop by to store recently?

    1. Hi Freya! Yes - I lost your blog details! I'm so happy you obviously remembered mine - popping over to you now!!

      The face is just shaped out of the icing - so easy this cake but goes down well, XX