Saturday, 10 May 2014

About The Boy

This boy to be exact...
 - who 21 years ago yesterday came charging into our lives (he is a Taurean after all!!) 
and every day since I have felt the overwhelming feelings of 
tenderness and love that  being a parent brings. 

From the second he was born, rooting immediately for a feed, all 10lb 4oz of him the time has gone too fast....I am so, so proud of this boy and expectant of what his future may bring, the mark he is going to make on this World in the way he chooses to live his life.
I hope it involves all the things in this card!
So, yesterday was all about celebrating! 'L' could only come home for one night - time flew - he goes back to Uni this evening after a toddler's party and another family meal.
Love this - what can I say?
 We enjoyed a family meal at a local pub -
'A' and her lovely 'S' at last below!!
'L' and his lovely 'S'...
 Me and my lovely Mr.L
 & with my birthday boy!
Cake and champagne at home... 
 All the best nights at ours end with a game of Chess as far as 'L' & 'S' are concerned!!

A lovely day, lots of reminiscing - 
once again my empty nest syndrome will kick in later on today

Thank you for dropping by - 
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to!


  1. Aw this was so lovely! Happy birthday to your handsome son!

  2. Happy Birthday to your son. Great to see somone who shares my birthday. Have a lovely weekend

  3. It looks like he had a great birthday. Where do the years go?

    X x

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments - I love reading them. The year's have gone so fast - too fast......XXX