Monday, 19 January 2015

Being A Mama

I said here that I hope to post more often. But I'm sure others find that whatever good intentions you may have something needs to give. 

Last week my Daughter needed me. Baby Sebastian is 10 weeks old now and is an absolute delight. He is smiling, chuckling, reaching out. But last week he had a poorly tum. He needed his Mama all the time, the comfort only a Mama can provide, which meant that she felt she could not do anything, or go anywhere. She needed & wanted to nurse him. 
So, cue her Mama to help out! :-)
Sometimes it's just a listening ear and some practical solutions that make all the difference.
I came across this poem last week, so copied it and shared it with her. So true.

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could just parcel up all those 'last times' and keep them and re-experience them whenever we felt like it?


  1. I'm in pieces after reading that poem! Hope Baby S gets well soon x

    1. Aaaahhhh thank you so much Mama Sunshine XX
      Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

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