Saturday, 17 January 2015


Its funny how  throughout our lives we make friends. & how some of those friends come and go and others stick around. New friends are made along with new jobs/experiences, we then move on and may meet up with those friends once or twice, but slowly the friendship slides, not leaving an emptiness or space in your heart.

Other friends you meet, there is that connection, that something that binds you together. Those sorts of friendships are so precious and you would never want to lose, they would leave an emptiness, an ache.

I have a small group of friends from when I worked on a children's ward, I look on those years as my formative years. Its where I fell in love, married, became a Mum & all the angst in-between. Positive influences from great girls, who helped me to become the person I am today. I meet up with them once or twice a year and love the catching up, the laughter and the memories. See below!

Other friends made through children's activities, Mother & Toddler groups, Kinder Gym and the like. This is how I met my best friend. We share so much, deepest darkest secrets (yes, I have some of those - don't we all?) My husband will ask what we find to talk about. The answer EVERYTHING & you!! Lol! My life is so much richer for this friendship. A guiding light, her for me, me for her (I hope).

One friend I had lost contact with and it did leave me feeling a loss, time marches on, you think about that person often. How are they doing? How are the children? You call, it's the answer phone, they call, get the answer of Christmas cards......and so it goes.......

This week I met up with her. We spent the most fabulous afternoon catching up in a lovely tearoom. It was like there hadn't been a three year hiatus, like we'd seen each other only a week ago, just with older children! We have promised that each time we see each other we will plan our next meet. 

When I got home, I had a beautiful text from her  - something she had read;
"Good friends are like good quilts; they never lose their warmth."

So true, don't you think?


  1. What a lovely quote …… I am going to use that with my oldest friend's ….. and, from experience, it's always a good idea to make a date for the next time to meet. XXXX

    1. You're right Jackie! Thanks for dropping by and your comment :-) XX

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