Sunday, 25 January 2015

Naughty Eats This Weekend.....

Ok, so this weekend my healthy eating went completely to pot. Chocolate, yup! Chocolate digestives, yup! Chinese, yup! Pancakes, double yup! Sat here writing with a double Amaretto on the rocks? Hell yeah!

So, what am I thinking. I've cocked up all my hard work? Might as well just carry on eating all the things I haven't had in an absolute age? In giant size? 
300 gram Cadbury's I ate last night with Mr.L!!!

At Christmas I ate so many things I hadn't had since doing my juice detox and to be honest hadn't missed either. The result.......spots & heartburn and actually felt like I was poisoning my body. Really.

This doesn't mean that I deny myself, but try to eat things that may be 'naughty' in moderation. I savour my food, eat more slowly, think whilst I am eating. Try not to eat whilst perusing the internet or doing work. You know, you suddenly think, wow, my lunch is gone and I didn't taste it!! 7 I'm absolutely stuffed - stopping eating when you are full is one of the best things for weight loss. As is eating when hungry - not because it is 12 o'clock ;-)

So, am I going to get depressed about what I've consumed this weekend. No! Of course not! Tomorrow is another day and I will start it the way I usually do. By finishing my pint of water on my bedside, sipping on lemon and ginger in hot water and making my green juice. After all, it's what you do most of the time that makes the difference!

Back soon to share some of the changes I've made to my diet and how I've upped my fitness.

Hope you've had a fab weekend!

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