Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Son The Chef

Raising men/women - not growing children.

Its a great saying, it's definitely what I wanted for my children. To grow to be self sufficient, take care of themselves, able to cook healthy meals, not dependant on anyone else to care for them, the ability to run a home & feel proud - without seeing certain jobs as 'not theirs.'

 So important to encourage a contribution to family life, supporting one another. It makes the bad times easier to bear, the good times even better when we pull together!

One of the things I started when my two started secondary school was 'make your own tea night'. This was brilliant, not just for me (giving me a night off) but for encouraging them to be adventurous in the kitchen. Beans or egg on toast eventually became lasagne, pie, fishcakes.

When my Son announced this year he would like to make Christmas Dinner, alone, I was bowled over.  He researched timings, did a plan, had his laptop on the side in the kitchen to refer to. Starter, main, desert & coffee, boom.

I am so proud of him - I find cooking Christmas Dinner stressful - my Son? Nada! He was a cool cookie in the kitchen!

He was so organised & everything was timed to perfection. My job here is done!!

Thank you for dropping by!

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  1. Bless him how wonderful and it looks delicious! x Happy New Year to you and your family x