Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas In Chester

Hello! I'm sat here with A to Z of Christmas songs on tv and a warming ginger, ginseng and lemon tea warming my hands. Don't know why they are cold - been cleaning all morning with the music on! 

Yesterday Mr.L & I got away for our annual Christmas jaunt to a City. This time was Chester. We realised we hadn't visited together since the children were really little. Last year was York. We were supposed to be at our running group 'do' but we knew we wanted needed some time away, just the two of us, time to talk, share, love and hug, enjoy a drink & good food - time to slow down and start to enjoy what this season is all about.
First stop was a small clothes shop, on the look out for a new skirt as I realised I needed something to wear with know how it goes?! I actually put it on in the shop - like a teenager, ha, an unusual colour for me but goes well with the grey jumper I am currently washing & wearing!! :-) Loved this skirt so much I bought two - one in blue!!

On to The Jaunty Goat for coffee and of course caaaaakkkkeee! Lovely chilled coffee shop, although I actually had Moroccan Mint Tea!


We wandered around the City, nipping into shops that caught our eye, stopped to listen to buskers, sinking in the bustle of Christmas and the beautiful buildings.

As the shops closed we found ourselves in Urbano32. I loved it in here - if you visit Chester, gogogo! The atmosphere was buzzing, although we couldn't get a table we were able to order a pizza to go with our drinks in the corner we had bagged.
The fittings in here were so interesting, scaffolding for stairs, industrial simple lighting adding to the urban atmosphere. I had to take some pictures of the loos - yes, the loos. They were fab!
 Some tile action!
 How cool?! So simple - would love this look in my utility room! :-)
Beautiful decorations, fairylights, small gift shops, the best coffee shops & eateries too - 
what's not to love? & we loved! 

Busy day today - cleaning, ironing, wrapping last presents, writing cards, making two door wreaths, a pie and butternut squash soup - that's the plan! We'll see!! & later a trip to see little Sebastian & of course his Mum and Dad ;-) (have to say that).

What are you up to?
Ever visited Chester? Any tips to share?
Love your comments!

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