Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Wishes

As the door closes & we raise our glasses (swaying to Auld Lang Syne no doubt) remembering the good times of 2014 (& maybe some not so great) I wish you all a bright sparkling 2015 filled with happy days & opportunity & thank you so much for dropping by this little space :-)

What started as a bit of a get together has become a full out party here 
& I'm sooooo excited! Whatever you're up to have fun.

Au revoir 2014 - we're ready to rock it and welcome 2015!!


  1. Greetings from North Finland and a happy New Year! Hyvää uutta vuotta!
    You have such a lovely blog and beautifull photos. Welcome to visit my blog too:)

  2. Happy New Year honey! Health and Happiness to you and yours for 2015 xx