Sunday, 7 December 2014

Around Here Lately

Gosh, where on earth has the time gone? I'm missing this little space. I may not be as articulate in my writing as some bloggers out there, but I love this small space. Sometimes life runs away and you have to play catch up constantly - that's me at the moment. So, thank you so much for coming back if you've dropped by before or 'hello' if you are a first timer! I'm hoping to be back to share more real soooooon!!

Life has changed dramatically, since the birth of Sebastian, days off spent with my Daughter, helping her with her breastfeeding, making sure she eats and rests & Christmas shopping together of course ;-)
I had a quick trip to Newcastle for a work conference. 
If I had to describe Newcastle in three words it would be 'City of light'. 
I have enjoyed one Christmas dinner so far on an extended family night out - only another ten to go!! I wore a new bright pink top from Boden that just screams Christmas plus a nice chilled throw on after work look! ;-) The blouse did tend to crease a bit, but things like that don't bother me, especially when I have a glass of wine in hand. 
Currently 40% off - other colours available.
Elephant in the room - new oven. VERY slowly getting to grips with it, so hard after cooking on my AGA for 14 years, which I just used to throw the food in and the Aga, being so kind would then just churn out succulent tasty food....even if I forgot about it. 
Sadly this oven is not so kind :-( 
Drinking my favourite tea - caffeine free lemon, ginger & ginseng from M&S. In my favourite new mug. With a stag on it. Of course!!
I am completely overhauling our diets. I lost over a stone in weight doing the 7lb in 7 Days Juicy Detox (& following up with a healthy lunch and daily juice for breakfast after). I feel so much better and more energised. Below is Jack Monroes Peach & Chickpea Curry, tasty & wholesome - just yum - I love her recipes! More on my new healthy eating soon!
Christmas isn't Christmas without at least one visit to a Christmas market is it? We visited Manchester last week - not many pics to share - too bloomin' cold :-) I'm going again tomorrow from work - yay for Gluhwein with Amaretto!
 & so, Christmas is slowly putting in an appearance. Ornaments old and new nestling together. A new baby and new memories to make with my beautiful family.

I'm off to check on the casserole in the oven and wait for my Daughter to arrive with that special little bundle, aaaaahhhhh!

I am having problems with Google Chrome on my tablet. It hasn't been allowing me to leave comments on the lovely blogs I follow, so I shall be sorting that out tonight - I do love this little community.

Ok, no more of my ramblings.....
wishing you all a lovely week ahead!


  1. You look so wonderful in that fit and healthy too! And I bet you're having fun with your new grandson, how sweet he looks. Your daughter is so blessed to have such a helpfull mom and grandma.

  2. Lovely post! Oh how precious the time is with your daughter and your new grandson! I can't wait and found out the other week my daughter is having a little girl x