Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

Ok, sssshhhhh, I have a secret! I have been known to spend a LOT of money on shoes (well by my standards anyway). Like a lot of women I probably buy the shoes first then style the outfit around them.

Anyway, on a slap dash trip to Asda at lunch time last week I laid my hands on these for a bargainous £8.00 - the beauty of them is you don't have to style an outfit around them - they'll go with pretty much anything. Comfy too!

Absolutely love me a bit of leopard print - adds interest so easily to a pair of jeans and 
simple t-shirt.

I wear the anklet you can see all the time. The floral design on my feet are actually tattoo's which I had done after I had a Henna pattern and loved it. People think it is Henna when they see it!

Bye for now,


  1. How cute!
    Great price too!

  2. Love the tattoo - wish I was brave enough!

    1. VERY painful - I wanted to leave after having one foot done. Ha! Glad I didn't! Xx