Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bridgnorth High Town (good views down!)

Last week Mr. L was attending a two day conference in Telford - spur of the moment I decided to tag along. I am quite happy to explore new areas and can easily go into a restaurant to eat alone.

I looked at where I could go and settled on Bridgnorth High Town. I am so so glad I did. Its a beautiful place with lots to occupy the eye. The high town is connected to the low town by the steepest funicular railway in Britain (Cliff Railway). 

One of the things I noticed as I walked was the beautiful front doors in traditional high gloss with  polished brass fittings. Many of them displayed wicker hearts, if not on the doors, in the windows and I wondered if this was a trend and if not wouldn't it be brilliant to encourage EVERYONE to do the same in Villages and small Towns. Made me :-) Boohoo - didn't take photo's of hearts...

There were galleries to peruse (one in particular to follow very soon), little shops brimming with decorative homeware, antiques and local produce. Plenty of tearooms to enjoy afternoon tea too!

Old gateway to the town built in the  seventeenth century and now the Town Hall and Museum.

 Lots of different era's of architecture everywhere you looked.
Who wouldn't want to live here?

Back with more soon!



  1. I love looking around different towns and browsing little shops - such fun. Love the green on that door too - so vibrant !

  2. Your blog site is fabulous! I love it! I even hear you speaking the words you have typed you are fab at this! Keep it going! JJ xxxx