Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Bedside Table....

When I first started to think about writing a blog, my initial thought was to call it "My Bedside Table".


Because that's where most of my family organisation happens! I read, write, pay bills, check my internet banking, look at ParentPay, book holidays, research....ok, ok, you get the picture!!

I even took photo's for my header photographs...then...went on to Blogger to start to build my blog to discover the domain was taken. Gutted!

I sat with Mr. L, both of us trying out different names. Looking wildly round the room I then came up with it - sat on my sheepskin rug on my sofa I glanced up at my stag's head (remember I said I have a stag fetish?) draped in fairy lights and PING 'sheepskinsandfairylights'.

This is turning into a story! Anyway, I had all these photo's of my bedside table so thought I'd share them in a blog post :-)

As you can see my bedside table is ram jam full!

The rabbit below was a present from my Ma & Pa years ago - it's twin sits beside my Sister's bed! Peep in the basket you can just make out a small wedding day photo of Mr.L & I!

Below, in the ribboned box is a gift from 'C' aka The Best Friend A Girl Could Wish For - it's a beautiful candle by Bahoma London - I am not allowed to burn it until I have burnt the remains of my other candles dotted throughout this house! Does anyone else do that??
Daily essentials - jewellery, Vaseline & Steam Cream (LOVE the tins that this all round moisturiser come's in - 100's to choose from).

Large glass of water - I try to drink 4 or 5 of these a day, especially when I plan to run/cycle - it definitely makes a difference to my performance (& my skin).

 Lamp from Ikea below displaying bits & pieces - the bit of wood from our holiday last year in Corsica - Random!
The rabbit stone is a Medicine Spirit Stone to give positive energy & create balance, mine is for Peace (from my lovely 'C').

Goes without saying - TEA for me the best start to the day - especially in this mug! 

I love the clean smell of the Olive Body Butter from Body Shop. Currently 25% off at Body Shop quote - NEW25 at the till. 
Hand cream for me is a necessity as I've gotten older - currently using Sanctuary which is also a favourite, the fresh smell of the orange zings me awake in the morning. The REN radiant eye gel was a magazine freebie - must. use. eye. gel. more.

 Hope you've enjoyed this peep into the chaos at my bedside!


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