Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekend in Cardiff

Last weekend I enjoyed a flying visit to Cardiff - my Big Boy L was delivering a lecture at University of Cardiff *proud*

A City I knew nothing about beyond titbits I'd gleaned from one of my favourite blogs The Littlest Things.

Whilst L was at the University I wandered to my hearts content, listening to the Welsh conversations happening all around. I didn't realise the Welsh language was so widely used and it was fascinating to listen - especially coming from a Welsh Mother.

I was fascinated by the walls surrounding Cardiff Castle & Bute Park with it's stone carved animals, intricately worked, the flags of many Country's flying high, wide open on the breeze. It was fun to find the animals with the glass eyes - these being the original animals, completed in 1892. Six animals had to be added when the wall was extended at the end of WW1. The poor anteater has had to have his long nose repaired on more than one occasion! Cardiff Animal Wall

Original glass eyes!

 Love to see flag's flying in the breeze!


I found a gorgeous little coffee house down one of the many old alley ways (The Royal Arcade) called Velvet Ice. It housed an old fashioned bright red coffee maker and delivered cream tea and cupcakes in polka dot everything!

Sprinkle's & fairydust to add to Velvet Ice's speciality cupcakes *cute*

How cool is this?

Ok, enough....this blog is very much a work in process, not only am I learning how to blog but working from a new laptop! Back with some more Cardiff snippets tomorrow with THE coolest place for a leisurely afternoon EVER! 

Night, X

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