Thursday, 23 October 2014

Around Here Lately

Life captured over the last couple of weeks - probably longer as I have had an awful sickness bug this week, but have woken with a smidge of energy this morning, so hope to be back later to share photo's from my beautiful Daughter's Baby Shower!  

Edamame beans enjoyed at Wagamama Manchester, quick, clean, tasty food!
Pukka tea drinking - so hard to choose a favourite....
Cinema visit to see 'Riot Club' - not what I expected - disappointing end and really a teen flick!! Popcorn was good though!!
Enjoyed some much deserved time out with Mr.L at a favourite Indian restaurant, I just adore the copper pot's, particularly when they could tell a story like this one below ;-)
A favourite pastime - choosing gift's - this one is definitely for a magpie's Daughter, although this magpie has read 'The Joy of Less' and things are changing....
Family walks in St.Anne's and having a picnic by the iconic windmill :-)
& still painting my front door - this is undercoat - 2 layers of topcoat to go - like they say, 
if a job's worth doing and all that ;-)

So, where has life taken you recently?
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Can't wait to see the Baby Shower pictures,I'm already planning, going to do it about 30 weeks which will be last week of Jan x

    1. It was a wonderful day Sharron, really lovely to get everyone together who loves, cares and has had an influence in my Daughter's life! XX