Monday, 6 October 2014

Dressing Up

Whilst at a Western Wedding in July, the best man & his wife had on the most amazing western outfits and shared with us that they were from Royal Exchange Costume Hire.

So on Friday Mr.L & I headed into Manchester to choose outfits for my Niece's fancy dress party the following evening. Who knew a theatre company of this calibre would hire out the costumes worn not just at the Royal Exchange Manchester but all over the UK?

We had made an appointment and were met by the Manager Luda, an amazing lady with a wealth of knowledge of both history and costume, supported by a team of wonderful volunteers. 

Luda just knew what to put with what, the period, where it could be found - no mean feat as demonstrated by the pictures below. The department was just bursting at the seams with clothing replicating various eras; hats, shoes, jewellery. I was absolutely in awe and had a wonderful time looking around.

The outfits below were picked out for me to try on, the bright blue dress had the most 
exquisite embroidery, but sadly was too big.
Up close details...
Shoes, shoes, shoes, all sizes, colours, shapes!
Amazing fabrics, it was like wearing a piece of history! :-)
So, what's in the bag???
Here we are - a Tudor Master & his wench. I absolutely adored our outfits and 
had so much fun wearing them ;-) 
I am not so well endowed but those corsets do amazing things haha!!
 Tudor's in a Western photobooth....

Thank's for dropping by, hope you have enjoyed this post!
Also thank's to Luda who said she was going to visit!

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