Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Juicy Lifestyle

Hi there! I've missed this place :-)

I have recently started to 'juice' having read this book by Jason Vale, 
also known as The Juicemeaster.

It's a great book that not only encourages a healthy lifestyle but looks at changing mindset too and I have read it from cover to cover. 

I am taking small steps and enjoying trying some funky recipes having bought a Fusion Juicer (again a Vale product) and have to say it is wonderful.

Some days I have forgone my yummy cereal for a juice and have to say I have felt satisfied for longer than I normally would - often I'm reaching for a sugar fix mid morning - but not when I have had a juice :-) 

The recipe I have been making instead of breakfast has apple, celery, cucumber, avocado and ginger in and claims you will see a difference to waistline in a week. Vale also advises having a slice of unwaxed lemon in hot water first thing (something I often do anyway) and then taking a short run, prior to having the juice. This fits in with me as I have the pup to walk :-)

I need to get organised and do this on consecutive days......below are some pics of my first juicing session with the lovely 'S'

I always prepare all my fruit or veg first :-)
Orange going in.....
Orange coming out!!
We had a bit of a juicing session - juice number 2!!

Anyone else juicing a the moment?
What are your favourite recipes?

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  1. I went through a juicing phase during the summer I definitely felt better. But I think I overdosed on them. Believe it or not the linen bread bags were sold old so I will let you know if they work when I get one