Monday, 27 October 2014

Juice Bar

Hi there! I have decided I need an overhaul, read I need to drop a few pounds :-) We all know our optimum weight and I am currently carrying quite a few excess pounds. I have read lots about juicing, including this book by Jason Vale, aka The Juicemaster and am convinced that this for me is the right route. I have never dieted in my life, but have some bad eating habits, mainly the refined sugar kind. For me it isn't just about dieting but making changes and getting out of the bad habits......

I bought myself the Fusion Juicer by Jason Vale and so far so good. His book is full of really good tips such as preparing all fruit first, having a bowl of hot soapy water ready to encourage you to clear up straight away, great as juicing can be a really messy business!!

So, I have started to try out different recipes from this funky juicing book and up to now I have only found one that I do not like :-)

The next part for me is going to be the hardest - I am planning to do the 7lbs in 7 days detox! I have booked this week off work and intend to detox my home as well as my life!! I shall be walking my dog, taking short runs and practicing Pilates during the week. And juicing LOTS. 

Jason also recommends setting up a juicing bar - this was fun! You can see mine below!

I am the person who wakes up wanting to eat my own arm - so wish me luck!! 
I'll report back here daily as to how I'm doing ;-)

Does anyone reading juice? Would you do a detox?
Please call back and see how I'm doing! :-)

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