Thursday, 16 October 2014

Currently Coveting

I love a throw on dress for work & these smart grey suede wedge boots will be 
perfect with a pair of ribbed tights. 

I discovered how much I love wedges for work here!!

I'm hoping White Stuff will be offering 20% off soon......
just missed out when they had their one day only discount :-(

I know some readers may have an idea of sale dates for some shops -
If you do for White Stuff please share!!


  1. I keep a list of sales dates in the lead up to Christmas but not sure about White Stuff I'm afraid x

    1. Thanks Sharron! Keep posting about other sales though!! X

  2. I am looking for flat, Alexa Chung type chelsea boots. I have done lots of research and, there must be 80 zillion types of Chelsea Boot to be had !!!! There's so much choice nowadays ….. it's all so confusing !!
    Can't help you with White Stuff at the moment but, they usually email me so will let you know if I hear anything. XXXX

    1. Jackie, that would be fab! Good luck with the Chelsea Boot hunt too! XX