Saturday, 25 October 2014

Baby Shower

Last weekend I organised a Baby Shower for my Daughter. I wanted it to show how very loved and cared about she is as well as celebrating this beautiful Mama to be.

I could have taken more photo's but I was very in the moment :-) 
We chatted, played games (Amazon became my friend!!) and drank blue champagne 
(food colouring - simples!)

The personalised sash was from a company on Amazon....
I just adore this scrumptious, precious baby bump :-)
The local Card Factory was great for ordering balloons at reasonable prices and meant a quick five minute dash in the morning to pick them up!
The display below I came up with whilst wandering in The Range which is where the white wicker heart and coloured tags are from. 
The tags were for people to write their good luck wishes and advice titbits :-) 
It worked really well and looked pretty too......
A lovely friend had reams of blue bunting, which I ran through the 
kitchen and study,It looked so pretty. 
So many places to hire bunting on line which is worth doing if you need a lot.
These letters were just cut from card and strung on a stick hanging from a beam.
 I knew there were children coming to the party so ordered this blue elephant 
themed partyware from Amazon.
To make the day easier I had ordered pasties - meat & potato and cheese & onion, 
which were really tasty with a nice glass of white ;-)
Bubbles with added blue food colouring for a toast!
Some beautiful gifts were given, should have heard the "oooohhhssss" & 
"aaaaahhhhhhssss" as they were opened, such sweet happy times to come.
It's all in the cute :-)
The muslins below are from Mini Boden, I'm so happy with them, 
they are super size and excellent quality.
These fun cards are brill - to put on the photo of your little one as they achieve all 
important milestones! Love them!
The cake! Oh my, the cake!! I was so proud of this! I asked my best friends daughter to let her imagination run and make a cake, I gave her the elephant theme and this is what she came up with! This is the third cake she has made, at only 16 she definitely has a talent....
 Proud Mama and Mama-to-be :-)
 The all important cake lighting & cutting....
& the making of wishes....
Details and invites from Amazon
 These beautiful candles for winners of the games - going to go back for some for moi ;-)
 House looks really bare now - oh well, nearly Ch.....................aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!
Young love! Six weeks until the little man arrives ;-0

Thanks so much for dropping by - 
hope you enjoyed sharing a small part of our celebration!


  1. What a beautiful, festive looking shower, all your little touches make it SO special. Congratulations to the future mommy and daddy!

    1. Ah thank you Leslie, so happy you dropped by! Yes, happy days ahead, XX