Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Aga Baked Christmas

I love to bake - often when I am stressed I will find myself baking.
Baking for my family, especially their favourite things really makes me feel good, a provider.
As my children are older, I listen to them when they talk about home & what they miss, 
proudly telling friends how great my rice pudding is! ;-)

This year I only made two Christmas Cakes, one for me, one for my Mama & Papa.
Aga baking produces a different cake every year despite using the same recipe, but always the moistest cake ever!

Ingredients from Aldi
Preparing the fruit to soak a few weeks in alcohol ;-)
Eggs, butter, sugar & treacle
Flour & spices
Mixed in this - the best EVER!
Ready for the oven....

Final pics to follow - cakes iced last night by 'A'

'L's lovely girlfriend 'S' also baked some mince pies for me - they are delicious, so rich.
Bit of a cheat with ready made pastry and the most gorgeous jar of mincemeat.

 Egg glazed
 Yummy! Thanks 'S' XXX

Who else has been baking?What do you do to ease stress??XX


  1. I have had the best Christmas ever with my aga ( good old Pearl!) The food was just fabulous - i will never go back to normal baking now! X

    1. That's great! I've tried a couple of new thing's this year too! Happy New Year, XX