Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Puppies Are 'Ere!

I mentioned here about my visit to my friend's puppies. 

Jo & Tracy bred from their beautiful Cocker Spaniel Honey.
As the pup's were born they were given a name then a coloured collar to tell them apart.

Cool names all of them! 
We have Alvin, Jarvis, Louie, Willow, Peaches, Dora & Bella. 

Whilst there I took sooooooo many photo's of the little munchkins.
 They were just too cute and I just couldn't help myself ;-0

Proud Mama Honey!

I really didn't want those pictures to go to waste - so here they are in all their cute chubbiness &
 I figured everyone loves a puppy!

C'mon bro - wake up!
Feeling cosy, aaaahhhh
Oh - want that one!
Three in the bed & one fell out....
Shiny, wet noses ;-)
King of the castle!!!
Silky ears
Jingle bells!
All knowing eyes
Soft smoochy puppy toes :-)
Feed me Mama!

How gorgeous. They have all left now for new homes....
Jo & Tracy have pupnatal depression....

Hope you like this puppy post!