Sunday, 15 December 2013

Autumn In Paris Part Two

Bringing Part Two of the time I spent in Paris with 'J'.

There are areas in Paris which to me are true Paris. The brocante sellers along the Seine, the artisans of Montmartre, the musicians and entertainers around Pompidou.

To walk along the Seine browsing antiquities and really old postcards is one of my favourite pastimes. The lady below I have seen many times, her name is Helene and she has been selling the thousand's of postcards which her Mother collected for many years. I could sit all day with her, she is fascinating to listen to! :-) & I love her 70's style glasses too!!

Next stop was The Louvre to warm up! 

When I think of Paris the images that enter my mind are that of the 
Eiffel Tower, followed by the Louvre. 

Recognised the World over it creates a lot of discussion and strong opinion.
 My French friends at first really didn't like it, but now realise how it is recognised and people know where is is straight away. 

J's opinion was that it takes away from the beautiful buildings around it, something I understand. For me I love the blend of old and new, the juxtaposition of modern glass and elegant character & carvings which sometimes took years to create.

The bottom image of these three is one of my favourite photo's,
capturing different era's.

Some wonderful shop's in the Louvre - La Maison Du Chocolat - 
the most amazing flavours & colours
The exclusive Lalique - love this light fitting - in my dreams! *Sigh*
Bit of kitsch - even in the Louvre! ;-0
Back outside.....
Coffee stop - the café's in Paris are so leisurely, they look like they 
have been furnished over years with care, like a home - take your time, chat, 
sip on the most aromatic coffee, relax in the surroundings, people watch....lot's.

The easiest way to travel in Paris is the Batobus (boat bus) which stops at or close to all the 
major tourist attractions along the Seine.
Next stop Notre Dame - again a well known landmark and a must see if visiting Paris.
I always loved The Hunchback story too! 
When you visit here there is a quiet, despite the hundreds of people inside looking around, people fall silent. The choir was singing, just awe inspiring.
Beautiful, muted colours with delicate patterns painted on pillars.
Amazing ceilings - you MUST look up at all times in Notre Dame!
 & down - the floors are pretty amazing too!
Candles, lit in memory of loved ones - beautiful...

I hope you have enjoyed this trip with me - 
more to follow! Paris deserves it!


  1. You have some lovely trips! I'm quite envious of this one - beautiful! X

    1. It comes Claire!! Unfortunately children grow but it does enable trips like this.....XX