Monday, 2 December 2013

Happy Monday

I have been looking at typography's for a while, they are extremely popular, 
in all the shops & until now I have never succumbed - until I saw this one and it resonated with me, I thought of my Daughter and all the changes happening in her life at the moment.

I have hung it in the bathroom - a little bit of daily inspiration!

Whilst I was taking a photograph I got a little snap happy as I am prone to do!
So, here is my bathroom - it was a labour of love, needed new joists, just to give you an idea.
It took six strapping men with ropes to get the bath up the stairs!

This was a few years ago, I still love it but it needs a fresh coat of paint.....

Mr.L fitted lovely blue twinkling lights into the ceiling and joist - so relaxing!

Happy Monday Lovely People!

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