Sunday, 22 December 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (11/52)

Wow, I cant believe this is week 11 of my curated happy moments from the week!

This blog hop was started by Jen who writes the lovely Little Birdie Blog which I drop by regularly! 

So, here goes - 
four moments that have brought a smile to my face
or made me feel warm inside!

  • Home made apple crumble with warm Ambrosia custard - can't beat it on a cold night - just love to see my family tucking in!
  • Finally getting around to sticking invitations (& thank you's, save the dates etc.) received into the back of my spice cupboard - memories saved......when I take something out of the cupboard and catch a glimpse of a memory it is a fabulous feeling - try it!
  • Leading my beginners run group in fancy dress on the worst night I have run in all year - it was so HARD - don't know how people run marathons in fancy dress - I was so wet it felt like I was wearing a suit of armour - not a santa suit!!! But we had fun :-) Bad pic, sorry!
  • These are just wonderful! Bought from Anthropologie, they are pewter and so well made - one each for my Daughter & Son - who incidentally is HOME!!!! Now, my family being together is the best warm fuzzy feeling ever!

What has been giving you the warm fuzzy feeling?


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