Sunday, 22 December 2013

Weekend Wanders York

Late with post's this week - not because I am running around like a 
mad thing on account of Christmas. 

This year, so far, I have had the kind of December I have always dreamed of - 
spending time with family and friends. 
Making memories :-)

I have even had two whole days of pottering at home, watching DVD's in front of a cosy fire with my family is just THE BEST!

Last weekend Mr.L and I went to York, one of my favourite City's, being so picturesque,
 full of some of the oldest buildings & unique streets, some leaning and all higgledy piggledy, 
so much heritage and culture.

& did it feel Christmassy!! 
We visited to go to York Festival of Angels
Snow machines, ice sculptures, excitement in the air, street food, entertainment.

How about this? I would love my Bailey's served like this every time!
With a chocolate flake too - yum!
This banana curry looked wonderful & El Piano are known for vegan, gluten free fabulous food -
 but we had eaten - a must visit for next time...El Piano
A few snapshots of the beautiful buildings, hidden passages - 
York has one of the most striking roof-lines.
York Minster
Map sculpture of the City
Street entertainment! He was amazing! Cool Yoda!
Lovely shops to peruse & windows to admire
The Famous Bettys Tearoom - Stonegate, York
This robin shop was just lovely - thousands of robins of different sizes 
some made from Liberty fabric
As nightfall fell, the City lit up - there was the most fabulous live band - I had a bit of a jig!!
The sculptor at work...
Time for a drink!
We ate at Little Italy - one of York's finest family run Italian restaurants.
Gorgeous & unpretentious with simple décor, a friendly atmosphere and boxes of 
Panetonne hung from the ceiling.
Such a lovely restaurant, run by Italian women mainly chatting away in their native tongue.
One was making the delicacies below.
Yummy deserts
Amazing day - definitely visiting again next year!

I hope you are managing to spend quality time with loved one's 
this Festive Season!
Has anyone been able to sneak away like me??

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