Sunday, 13 October 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (1/52)

I have discovered a few new blogs recently which I shall add to my side bar sooooooon!

One in particular, Jen at Little Birdie started this blog hop a year ago....
always late to the party - that's me haha! 
She has just posted her 52/52 'Weeks of Happy'.

I so wish I had seen this, I think it is such a marvellous idea. 
Looking back on your week, being in the moment (albeit with a camera!) 
and capturing the little moments that make you happy or smile.

So I am going to curate my four happy moments and simple pleasures 
to share here each week.

  • Reading 'In Style' for £2.00 with the gorgeous Drew Barrymore on the cover, whilst enjoying my favourite drink :-) 
  • Putting my sumptuously warm velvet throw on the bed ready for colder nights.
  • My Daughter leaping off the couch announcing she felt like baking and producing this lovely moist marble cake - YUM!
  • Rob Ryan tape for brightening up plain wrapping paper

What simple pleasures have made you smile this week?


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