Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Work Wear

I really struggle with work wear - I need an overhaul....
The clothes I wear are ME, I feel comfortable and confident in them,
*yet I feel I should have a separate wardrobe*

I would like to have separate clothes and really do try but it never works out,
 the items I buy sneak into my 'home wear'.

Today I was complimented at work about my choice for today, so thought I'd show you!

 Apologies for the poor quality photo's, more training needed!
I see blog's with four year old's taking better photo's - oh dear!!

& the compliment?
"I love how your socks match your jacket!!"

Any advice out there?

French Connection trousers, River Island distressed boots, Next jacket, Kenneth Cole bag


  1. I think a black pencil skirt and black tailored trousers are work wear wardrobe essentials which can easily be mix and matched with existing pieces.

    1. Thanks Sharron - really appreciate the advice! X
      Think trousers are a good idea - would need to add a bit of me, which could be one of my quirky jackets which are smart but casual. Then I would just need a new wardrobe to house my work wear!!