Thursday, 3 October 2013

Weekend Wanders

Ggggrrrrr...late with this post on account of sporadic internet.

I had a lovely walk with Mr.L and Olly on Sunday to a local landmark - 
Darwen Tower.

The tower stands atop the hills on the West Pennine Moors overlooking the small town of Darwen.

When I have been away and catch that first glimpse of it proudly standing there 
I sigh and think "I'm home!"

It can be seen for miles around and when you make the effort to go to the top you are rewarded with the most amazing views for miles around. 

Obligatory Trig point.
Here she is!! Lovely new top on her after her old one blew off in one piece a few years ago!
Someone was there before us! :-)

Always windy up here! Bad hair day...
 Olly doing what he does best - SPRINGING!

It's a pleasure to visit places on your doorstep.
What local landmarks do you visit?

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