Saturday, 5 October 2013

Celebrating Diversity

I attended an Award Ceremony on Thursday evening (really wish I had photographed my outfit!) with my friend and colleague J. 

We were attending on behalf of work following a project that 
J and I have recently worked on.

It was a fabulous night celebrating the amazing achievements of 
national companies, small business's, groups and individuals all demonstrating real 
and ongoing commitment to inclusion and equality and working to improve 
the lives of lesbian, gay,bisexual and transsexual people. 

Of course the legislation of Same-Sex Marriage made 2013 an historic year so there was more to celebrate! :-)

Held at the Radisson Hotel Manchester  (sumptuous, amazing art and sculpture - 
I was dying to whip my camera out and could have snapped all night but didn't
 feel it was appropriate - & organised by the

Useful lunch bag!
 Pretty flowers ;-)
 Signs of a good night....

Fabulous Night - 
Now ready to have a chilled out Saturday!
Hope you are too?

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