Sunday, 6 October 2013

Good For The Soul

That's what is said about having a good clear out!

Just look at these photo's of our study.....
minging! A disgrace!

Unloved, unused and in danger of becoming a dumping ground.

Our home is for sale as now with our Son at Uni and our Daughter rarely here there is so much of our home underused.

So for now I have decided to give it a good clean and try to use it more and 
make it my own space :-)

It's a beautiful room with a stone wall, beams and a big old oak desk complete with inkwell. The piano is in here and I am proud to say it is played regularly although you 
would never think so looking at these pictures!!

You would think it is never played - it is!! Almost daily! :-0
Filthy - wouldn't invite Kim & Aggy here - field day!
Much loved but very LUMPY chair...
Forgotten about books rediscovered...
& music too :-)
Freshly hoovered wall - YES hoovered! Homes for spiders gone...
Looking cleaner
Old radio - going into daily use :-)
The bookcase is very old and was given to me by a Doctor I worked with
Comfier with a cushion...
How majestic are stags? Just so, so beautiful!
The little things that make the difference
Really love this bottle, the shape & colour - 
& how vivid do these flowers look against the red?
New light fitting - £2.50 Asda lol!
Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci curtain - old - Ikea 
So now you'll find me in here :-)

Love feeling like I've achieved something at weekend - 
It is good for the soul!

What are you up to this weekend?

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